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Support and assistance

Firstly, you need to decide which of the residency programs is right for you. There are several residency categories and so we help you understand the options you have available to you. Our representatives assist you in understanding the different options you have and we’ll help guide you through choosing the best option for you based on your life goals and income type.

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The documents you need

After deciding Costa Rican residency is for you, you need to get all of the paperwork in order. All of the documents obtained have to have an Apostille, which is a legal certification making the document valid between different countries (both countries have to be signatories of the Hague Convention). If a document doesn’t have an Apostille, it can still be validated if it is legalized by a Costa Rican Consul. All documents have to have been issued within the six months prior to their filing with the immigration department.
Our instructions and help ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you avoid any problems. We also save you a lot of time!
Our staff will prepare the application for you and will help you to get together all of the necessary documents for Costa Rican residency.

These documents are:

  • Limited POA (Power of Attorney) – we prepare this for you
  • Residency letter of application – we prepare this for you
  • Your birth certificate
  • A police report from your current location. If you are in the United States, you will need a report from the FBI.
  • A copy of your entire passport – all of the pages, including blank ones
  • Two photographs (color passport-size images)
  • Your marriage certificate if you are applying for residency as a married couple
  • Embassy registration – you can do this online in lots of countries
  • Proof of income (for retirees or other legal residents) or bank deposit proof
  • Proof of your investment applications and your Investment for Business (amount of $200,000 USD)

We will also arrange the application package so that it is well received and reviewed by the authorities in Costa Rica.

Document Translations into Spanish

Our service includes all documents that aren’t in Spanish to be translated by a professional, official translator that is certified by the State Department in Costa Rica. 

Presenting your documentation to the Costa Rican Immigration Department

Once your application for Costa Rican residency is finished, we can file it to the Dirección General de Migración, the Costa Rican Immigration Department.
The filing of your documents includes sending everything off and paying the appropriate government fees. After doing this, we will provide a receipt containing your residency application number from the Costa Rican Immigration Department.

Fingerprints taken

As soon as you have received the Immigration Department receipt, you need to go to the Police Department to have your fingerprints taken. Our inclusive residency service means that we organize all of this for you. The Police Department can be found in downtown San José.
When you attend the appointment we arrange for you, you will need to go armed with your passport, your immigration department receipt and three color photographs (passport size). Once you’ve had your fingerprints taken, you will obtain another receipt that you then need to give to us so that we can file it with the Costa Rican Immigration Department.

The process is complete

With everything now sent to the Costa Rican Immigration Department, it’s simply a matter of waiting for your application to be approved.
Once the application receives approval, you then need to join the Social Security System in Costa Rica. This system allows all residents to get free medical care.
As well as this, you will be required to put down a deposit with the Costa Rican immigration department for a guarantee, and you’ll also have to pay for the residency card, which is a requirement.
We will then make you an appointment to collect your DIMEX (the Documento de Identidad Migratoria para Extranjeros), which translates as the Migration Identification Document for Foreigners – in other words, your residency card.

How we provide support for you during the whole process

Right from the beginning of your application, we provide support from our Costa Rican staff throughout the whole process until you receive approval from the Costa Rican Immigration Department.
We include help and support with all documents and forms that you need for the Costa Rican residency application process.

This includes:

  • Translating all documents into Spanish
  • Making the fingerprint appointments
  • Following up and checking the progress of the process of approval
  • Making an appointment for you to collect your residency card