Live the Good Life with a Costa Rica Retirement

Pura Vida is the unofficial motto of Costa Rica, which means Life Is Good, and any Costa Rican resident will heartily agree. Indeed, life is good in this Central American country that upholds very high standards of living and that is supported by a robust economy. There are numerous theaters, art galleries, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls and entertainment options to choose from. Costa Rica is also renowned for its excellent health care system and globally competitive hospitals. Many expatriates retire in Costa Rica because the cost of living is incredibly low. For just a small fraction of the money needed to live decently in the US or Europe, you can already live a rather extravagant life in Costa Rica. Best of all, this is a country of smiles and friendly people, which makes retirement in Costa Rica the right choice for many people.

Costa Rica Retirement

Planning for Retirement in Costa Rica

Reasons for Choosing Costa Rica

There are hundreds of countries around the world where you can live after retirement, so why choose Costa Rica? If you are not immediately sold by the gorgeous year-round climate, exquisite natural surroundings and friendly, fun-loving people, here are some other great reasons for choosing retirement in Costa Rica.

Cost Of Living

Enjoy a low cost of living with a high standard of living. The cost of living in Costa Rica is quite low as compared to living in the USA, Canada, or Europe. There are many high quality imported and local products available and well as entertainment and fine restaurants.


Costa Rica offers some of the best health care in Latin America. Both the private and public health care systems are excellent. The World Health Organization places Costa Rica in the top country rankings in the world for long life expectancy. It is free to all residents and citizens.

Costa Rica Retirement

Real Estate

Buying or Investing in Real Estate. The Costa Rican real estate market is very favorable for buyers with some amazing values. It is easy to buy a home or vacation property at the beach, in the mountains, or in a rural area. The taxes are very low and there is high speed internet throughout the country.

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Costa Rica Retirement

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For more than 25 years we have helped hundreds of people relocate to beautiful, affordable Costa Rica, and we can help you too. Welcome to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Retirement


You deserve the best in life because you have earned it, so if you are looking for a place where you can retire in peace and enjoy the goodness of nature and life it is Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Retirement

Retirement Planning

Costa Rica may truly have it all: a year-round tropical climate, quiet rural areas, hillside villages, modern cities, Pacific beaches, Caribbean coastline, and lush valleys.