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You deserve the best in life because you have earned it. No wonder they say life actually starts after 50! So if you are looking for a place where you can retire in peace and enjoy the goodness of nature and life, then we have got just the right one for you. Welcome to Costa Rica!

51,200 square kilometers of verdant landscape and 7 micro climates, you will find lush green environment and a large variety of birds as compared to North America or Europe. A country with a small population of just three million inhabitants, Costa Rica is one of the oldest democracies in Latin America. With its rising economy, Costa Rica real estate has seen a boom in the recent years and is geared for the foreign investor.

Costa Rica is a country where primary education was declared mandatory and free in 1869 for both males and females. It is home to some of the most prestigious human rights organizations but more than that it is a country of smiles, warm people and 1500 kilometers of tropical sandy beaches. The beautiful landscape offers some of the best Costa Rica retirement homes that resisting such a temptation can at times seem futile.

When we go searching for a home, we look at many factors and among them is the climate. The climate plays an integral role because too hot can be unbearable while too cold will take the fun away. Costa Rica has microclimates that vary from the cold volcanic tundra to the beautiful cloud forests and from the tropical dry forests of Guanacaste to the dense jungles of Talamanca. If you are looking for more then check the golden sandy beaches where you can share the sun with the Baulas Tortoises. In spite of the various climatic regions, the overall climate of Costa Rica is mild and pleasant. This makes retirement in Costa Rica fun and enjoyable.

Due to its location around the tropics, there are no extreme seasonal changes in Costa Rica as compared to other countries lying in the same latitude. The dry or summer season experiences a maximum temperature of 600F or 200C and the wet season or monsoon changes everything around in its wake and makes the surrounding look sparkling green and this can be quite relaxing. The wet season normally lasts from June to November. The temperature though varies in different parts of Costa Rica and is a almost 10 degrees higher in the coastal areas and is around freezing point in Chirripo. Snow is quite unheard of in Costa Rica but light woolens, jackets and raincoats come in handy.

The second most important factor is the cost of living. Costa Rica cost of living is much lower as compared to North America or most European cities. This is one of the main reasons why people from foreign communities are looking at Costa Rica as their new home. If your cost of living in Michigan is $3500 a month then it will be nearly $2000 a month in Costa Rica. This way you will end up saving more and you can once in a while spend to make your lifestyle more exciting.

Costa Rica Retirement
Costa Rican lifestyle is laid back to the point of being inefficient and of course there is the language. In Costa Rica, very few people can speak English and their main language is Spanish. Although the people are quite warm and will do the best to help you, you might face the problem of language as a barrier. In such a scenario, you can always try and learn some of the language that can be useful if you plan to travel around a lot.

Doing Business
For those who come to Cost Rica to do business, they will not be disappointed. The laws and policies of this country are very accommodating to those who wish to create or put up a serious business in the country. There are many law firms and real estate companies which can help the businessman locate ideal property for any purpose. Large international companies are welcome in Costa Rica.

Health and Education
There are no obligatory vaccinations or immunizations that are required when going to Costa Rica. The country has nationalized medicine so that everyone is provided free medical care. There is also private medical care that is very modern and progressive and Costa Rica is known for plastic surgery and dental care. There are numerous pharmacies and hospitals to cater to any emergency or medical dilemma.

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