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Why choose Costa Rica?

Explore Costa Rica! Come and feel the warmth of the people, enjoy the climate, visit the rainforests and find a home amidst splendid and breathtaking surroundings. Costa Rica offers a dream of a lifetime. All you need is some investment for Costa Rica real estates. Be it a airy and spacious villa overlooking the sandy beaches or a log hut surrounded by the virgin beauty of the rainforest, Costa Rica retirement home is fun as well as thrilling. Wake up to a new dawn everyday!

We can provide you with the best Costa Rica retirement advice and options so that you don’t have to look any further. Before we move any further, let us look at why Costa Rica is such a hot destination in terms of retirement homes and real estate for foreigners.

One of the oldest democracies in Latin America, Costa Rica enjoys political and economic stability. Costa Rica does not have any army and there are more teachers than cops. The peace in the surroundings resounds with an echo and tourism has seen an unprecedented growth in the last few years. Costa Rica real estate does not just offer great homes at cheap prices but you will have the advantage of enjoying pleasant climatic conditions.

Here’s our small guide to Costa Rica and what makes it so different from other countries with retirement options:

Nature Conservation

The beauty of Costa Rica is enhanced due to Nature Conservation as it has hundreds of miles of tropical rainforest that supports various habitats. It is a nature lover’s paradise and today it is a true leader in conservation. Costa Rica’s National Park Service takes care of the conservation of all its 20 natural parks and eight wildlife reserves. It has even declared one of the areas as a national archaeological monument. The percentage area of parks in Costa Rica is the highest in the world.

You can have a great time in these parks and reserves. This is a great place for nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, campers, hikers and bird watchers. From bird watching to a cool bath in one of the rivers will sum up for a rich experience that Costa Rica offers.


As a traveler or tourist, Costa Rica has some of the finest hotels as well as camps and log huts in the heart of wilderness. So if you are all geared up for an adventure of a lifetime then this is the place to be and you can find a wide range of hotels catering to different styles as well as budgets.

Population and Language

The population of Costa Rica is approximately 3 million and the native language is Spanish. Due to the low Costa Rica cost of living, more and more foreigners are purchasing real estate here.

Public Services

Everyone wants to have a home in a place where there is electricity, water and all other amenities. Costa Rica has them all and what more; you can’t find a more pure form of water than anywhere else. It’s right from the mountains!


The infrastructure of Costa Rica is sound and has got strengthened over the years. It has a good network of roads and a sophisticated public transport system. From taxis to buses, you can find different modes of transport. There are ferry services also available for crossing the Tempiscque River. Costa Rica is connected to the rest of the world by air and has two domestic air services Travel Air and Sansa.

Geography and Climate

Costa Rica is located right at the center of the isthmus of Central America. It is surrounded by the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean, Nicaragua and Panama. The topography and geography of Costa Rica is varied and this makes it an interesting place to retire especially with its rivers, mountains, volcanoes, beaches and tropical forests.

There are three important mountain ranges in Costa Rica and two of them are volcanic ranges and Mount Chirripo is the highest in the country at 12,500 feet. Due to varied habitats the temperature in Costa Rica varies from 580F to 720F in the Central Valley and between 720F to 820F in the lowlands.

All this put together creates an intoxicating mix and makes Costa Rica retirement option an interesting affair.

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