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Permanent Residency in Costa Rica

Permanent residency in Costa Rica is like staying in a place of your dreams. Costa Rica is one of the favorite vacation spot after France. The beauty of the place enchants the visitors who come here and many decide to stay here for the lifetime. Many consider it to be an excellent place to spend their lives after retirement. The place is excellent for permanent residency as the living cost is significantly low as compared to parts of Europe and US, which have scenic locations.

If you are planning for permanent residency in Costa Rica, you will need advice from a reputed law firm. One such name is Meléndez and Bonilla Law Firm. It is one of the most renowned law firms of the Costa Rica. For people looking for permanent residency in Costa Rica, it is quite easy to settle down. Costa Rica is regarded as one of the safest places for starting your business and investments. A legal advice of a good law firm such as Meléndez and Bonilla Law Firm helps you in establishing your own companies be it private and public. The firm has a sound experience of around fifteen years in helping out people to get the public notary documents, arranging for leases and rent contracts, getting loans and mortgage.

Certain formalities are to be carried out before you acquire permanent residency in Costa Rica. The formalities sometimes turn out to be complicated if tried to handle by one self. You can hire an attorney from a law firm such as Meléndez and Bonilla to handle the affairs for you. The firm provides you with an attorney and sound advice which will save a lot of money and as well as your precious time. For people who are retired, good news is that if you have an income of around six hundred dollars per month, immigration to Costa Rica is very easy. For immigration, the documentation that is required is your birth certificate, a valid passport, a police report from your country that states that you have a sound character and if you are planning to stay with your spouse, you need a marriage certificate from your country. With sound legal assistance from Meléndez and Bonilla law firm can make your immigration easy and stress free. Meléndez and Bonilla law firm is very helpful for people who want to stay in Costa Rica permanently and make their living by working here. You will need a work permit, which can be attained with the help of the law firm.

One more reason that Costa Rica is attracting a lot of people to choose it, as a place of permanent residency is that the tax laws of the area helps you to save thousands of dollars every year. The country is very good foreign investment if you have a sound back up of a good law firm. Meléndez and Bonilla provide you with correct legal counsel. Unlike most of the countries, hefty portions of the income are excused from taxation in Costa Rica. If you want to make a lot of profit by saving taxes, Costa Rica is a place for you to invest.

The cost of buying a real estate in Costa Rica is cheap and easy with the assistance with an attorney. At first the prices may seem high but when you compare the prices of the real estate with number of other beautiful locations of the world such as Florida, Hawaii, you will see they are very reasonably priced.

Costa Rica - Retirement and Residency

Are you thinking of a Post-retirement Holiday in Costa Rica? A country of exotic locales, many climates and warm people, what else could you ask for. Come and stay in Costa Rica and be a part of this natural paradise!

You can start by visiting Costa Rica on a holiday and then explore the post retirement living options. There are many online real estate agencies that can provide you Costa Rica retirement advice. Here is some vital information that will help you make an informative decision.

Entering Costa Rica

Every country has its own rules, laws and requirements and so does Costa Rica. If you are a citizen of the United States, Canada or the European Union then you will not require any visa, which makes it easier for you to visit the country. All you need is your passport and you can remain in the country for a maximum of 90 days. 90 days is a lot of time to research the living/retirement options in Costa Rica.

Residency in Costa Rica

If you are planning to become a permanent resident of Costa Rica post retirement then you have to apply for it to the Costa Rican Department of Immigration also known as the Dirección General de Migración y Extranjería. The immigration department of Costa Rica is overseen by the Ministry of Public Security and Police. You need to fill the application for Costa Rica residency in your home country and submit it to the Costa Rican Consular Office in your state or country.

The residency procedures in Costa Rica keep changing and hence you should always confirm the procedures beforehand. In last decade or so, there are many people who have bought real estate as a part of their Costa Rica retirement planning. There is a huge influx of people coming in every year and the local officials are not completely prepared to handle the sudden influx. If you are filing your application then just remember that the processing time may get stretched as the Department of Immigration in Costa Rica is low staffed. The approval fore residency in Costa Rica in completely in the hands of the Department of Immigration and they mostly favor applicants who can provide employment for people of Costa Rica through business opportunities. Entrepreneurs, businessmen etc are given first priority.

You can apply for residency in Costa Rica as a retirement option.

Costa Rica Retirement

There is nothing better than to retire in a country that is so full of natural beauty in the form of tropical rainforests, hundreds of species of flora and fauna, meandering rivers, gurgling brooks, high waterfalls and pleasant climate. The Costa Rica cost of living is also lower than that of US or European countries. Finding a Costa Rica retirement home is like a dream come true and if you have an income through pension then you will be able to qualify for the rentista residency or pension residency. According to the program:

You can have the option of getting a pension based residency. As a pensionado or retiree, you will have to show proof of fixed income through a pension or any retirement fund. It must be at least US$600 per month.

You can also have to option of applying for an investment income based residency. As a rentista applicant, you will have to show proof of a fixed income to the amount of at least US$1,000 per month.

There are certain components applicable when you are looking towards Costa Rica residency. The most important is the eligibility criteria for obtaining permanent resident status (PRS) in Costa Rica. They are:

You will be eligible if you are an immediate relative of a Costa Rican citizen. Relative means you are the spouse, parents, single brother or sister, son or daughter of a citizen of Costa Rica.

Your company is registered in Costa Rica.

If you invest in Costa Rica

If you have an income source like a retirement plan or pension, which will pay out at least $7,200.00 per year

Costa Rica Residency We can provide you guidance through a team of real estate professionals who understand and have experience handling Costa Rica real estate investments. We can also provide you with Costa Rica retirement advice so that it is easier for you to apply for residency. We have a team of customer service executives who can handle any question and offer you updated information about attaining residency status in Costa Rica. You don't have to worry about anything. All you have to do is choose the property and we will take it from there.