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Health and Education in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the Central American countries which are rich in tradition and culture. This tropical country does not experience winter or summer; instead it has a dry and wet season. Nicaragua and Panama are its neighbors and on one side of it the Pacific Ocean and at the other side the Caribbean Sea. This democratic country is very stable and is proud to not have any need of an army to govern it.

The country has fabulous beaches and diving areas as well as beautiful flora and fauna. One has a very difficult choice of the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean Sea when it comes to diving. Both offer beautiful dive spots and beautiful reefs for beginners and professional divers. One could get used to the sight of the sparkling blue waters as you laze in the beach. Visitors and tourists are welcome to purchase real estate and open a business in Costa Rica. Many international brands have already entered the country and they are flourishing in the local market.

The laws of the country are very investment friendly and they encourage putting up new investments or businesses directly. There are many law firms and offices which can help facilitate putting up a business or purchasing real estate in this beautiful and warm country.

Basic Health in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known as one of the most sanitary countries in Central America. In San Jose, the tap water is safe enough to drink although people are cautioned from doing so out of the city. Some of the water suppliers chlorinate their water and these may cause mild stomach upset but remedy can be had at the local pharmacy. There are no obligatory vaccinations or immunizations when going to Costa Rica. Still, it is always a good idea to be up to date with the usual shots when traveling anywhere. The city of San Jose is very progressive and there are numerous pharmacies and hospitals to cater to any emergency or medical dilemma.

There are no specific illnesses or disease which may abound in beautiful Costa Rica. Most cases of malaria and dengue occur outside the main cities. These mosquito borne illnesses can be avoided by using long lasting mosquito spray even when it is not night time yet. The people in Costa Rica are mainly in the best of health and they are very generous and hospitable people who accommodate visitors and tourists well.

Education in Costa Rica

Education in San Jose, Costa Rica is very high and the government is trying their best to include the entire country. There is 93% literacy rate in children 10 years and above. The parents and guardians of these children are very proud of the achievement of their kids and they support them all the way. The first president of Costa Rica, Jose Maria Castro, wanted to promote education is his country and his was one of the first countries that started the drive of free and obligatory education. The funds for this immense undertaking were taken from the coffee industry of the country. Due to this, by the 70's, almost 90% of the population could read and write.

For the past twenty years, the Costa Rican government has still taken it upon themselves to educate their countrymen. In 1994, the president advocated computers in each of the schools in the country and added obligatory English classes. The country needed the Costa Rican people to be able to speak and understand English because they were experiencing a tourism and industrial boom. Libraries were put up in the rural areas to help educate the older people who had not received better education in the past years.

In addition to this, private schools and colleges were put up to accommodate the growing demand for better private education. The government put great stock in education and this influenced the local people to achieve more and reach for better education in Costa Rica. Many ex-pats have also made Costa Rica their home. They feel comfortable and at ease in this very exotic and laid back country. Most of these foreigners who have made Costa their home, have businesses which are thriving and are also consultants for the large firms and companies which abound in Costa Rica.

Health and Education in Costa Rica Over all, the country has taken care of the needs of the people and also that of the tourists and visitors who come to beautiful Costa Rica in droves to experience the traditions and culture of the country.