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Doing Business in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country whose name literally means rich coast. This beautiful country has Panama and Nicaragua as neighbors and the Pacific Ocean in the front and the Caribbean at the back of it. These two bodies of water are part of the reason of the tourist boom in Costa Rica. They beckon to the divers and tourists and they do always deliver on their sparkling blue promises.

The beaches are not the only attractions in Costa Rica; the Arenal Volcano National Park is a major tourist attraction here. Located in a Macadamia nut farm some distance from the capital of Costa Rica, it gives local and international volcanologists the opportunity to study the active volcano up close. Another one of a kind attraction is the Rainmaker. It is an aerial walkway with a number of suspension bridges running through the rainforest canopy. This is a very unusual experience which needs to be done firsthand to really feel the thrill and awe when taking in the scenic views. There are many more attractions in Costa Rica that it could not fill this page.

For the Business-Minded

For those who come to Cost Rica to do business, they will not be disappointed. The laws and policies of this country are very accommodating to those who wish to create or put up a serious business in the country. There are many law firms and real estate companies which can help the businessman locate ideal property for any purpose. Large international companies are welcome in Costa Rica.

The government has always been stable and does not even need the support of an army. This democratic country enjoys the status of being one of the most sanitary countries in Central America. There are relatively no rampant diseases or illnesses which plague the country. Most people here are well educated and they boast of having 93% literacy rate in children above ten years old.

The Costa Rican government has also taken care to educate their people and they have provided obligatory English classes and computers for further education. Up until this very day, the government is undertaking great measures to provide better education for the people of Costa Rica. These steps are to ensure that the local people can help and accommodate tourist and other visitors. Other than that, it also helps the locals get better jobs and more opportunities.

When international businesses put up their branches in Costa Rica, they give the local people an opportunity to have work and to improve themselves. This is one reason why the country is so keen on having international companies and businesses invest in Costa Rica. Investment from international trade means more jobs and more progress and productivity for the country and the people. The heads of this country have realized the potential of inviting investors and big companies to put up their business in Costa Rica. They could be long term means of profit for many local people and also the government.

Doing Business in Costa Rica The tax system in Costa Rica is enough to make the investors think they have died and gone to heaven. Since Costa Rica is paradise to many, this idea is not far from it. There are many tax exemptions which are uniquely found in Costa Rica only and these help investors save millions of dollars yearly.